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Kangchi Chemical Industry (Shenzhen) Co.,LTD (Konchie Chem) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on developing and producing LCD,OLED and OPV intermediates, OLED and OPV materials and precious metal catalyst . Superior technical force and excellent means of testing, it has won the recognition of clients.

Main products including: 

Carbazole, fluorene, boric acid, anthracene, naphthalene, thiophene, pyridine, indole, imidazole and other series of OPVOLED intermediates & materials;

Platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, gold, silver series noble metal catalyst.

Konchie Chem always adhere to the quality of service first ,we could help customers to shorter development cycles, reduce cost, Strict guarantee delivery Create Value for customers continuously!

Konchie Chem invests the fund to carry on the product research and development every year, actively exploring the development of new products ,new routes and new processes of organic chemicals ,providing our customer with first-class products and world-class services .We provide products not only from grams to kilograms of catalog ,but also process different amounts of high-purity materials according to the clients’ special requirements.

KONCHIE CHEM supply high-quality products and services:

Timely & high quality delivery , Certificate of analysis with product, Confidential services and quotations.

Konchie Chem culture: 

Continuous innovation ,work as a craftsmen ,to do the best quality and service.


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Kangchi chemical industry (Shenzhen) CO.,LTD.

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