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Apple officially launches the new
Edit: admin    Date: 2016-11-02

s was pretty much confirmed by several reports and leaks, Apple introduced its new MacBook Pro 2016models - which include an OLED Touch Bar instead of the traditional function keys.

The OLED strip is supported by most of Apple's applications and can be used to show bookmarks while you browse the internet, emojis in messaging applications, and more. Apple released an API to developers can support the Touch Bar in third-party applications. The OLED strip also includes a Touch ID sensor that is activated for example when you wish to pay online (on supported web stores).

Apple is accepting orders for these new computers, with some models already shipping. The 13" starts at $1,799 while the 15" starts at $2,399. There is a 13" model without the OLED Bar, starting at $1,499 - but who would want that?

It is great to see Apple releases its second OLED device (the first is Apple's Watch, of course) - even if it isn't the one we're really looking forward to. Want to know what will be the effect on the OLED industry? Read our analysis here.

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